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The Time To Talk Is Now

The question I get asked many times as a therapist is “Do you think I need therapy?” followed by “Am I that bad?”.

This question not only saddens me but to some extent frightens me to think how many people are out there ‘going it alone’ or suffering in silence in their head.

Wherever one replaces themselves on the spectrum of therapy, one type of therapy does not fit all.

Therapy is a place where you can express yourself freely without judgment, knowing that you are being listened to and someone is empathizing with you, understating your perception of self, others, and the world.

Attending therapy does not mean you are dysfunctional or weak or incapable of making life choices and decisions. Ask yourself this…when do we not need someone to guide us? From infancy we had parents or guardians teaching us how to walk, to talk, to play, to interact, they met our basic needs such as feeding and nurturing, and protecting. We become a little older and then teachers begin to teach us how to learn in numeracy, literature, sciences, creative arts, music, and so forth. The point is we ALL need a teacher, a guide a mentor to help us develop and progress.

So why do we hesitate when we need support about life?! Where do we get this notion from about “dealing with it”, “getting on with it” and brushing difficult times off with “that’s life”.

Seeking support from a therapist or life coach is about finding yourself, grounding yourself, a safe place where you can express your fears, your concerns, your difficult time knowing that they will be held safely and with non-judgmental positive regard, and in return, you will get transparency and honesty and learn new skills in how to manage those difficult times is they were to raise again.

Invest in your self-well-being. You are the one person that is spending the rest of your life with you in sickness and in health. Use your time wisely.

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