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Mind Resolve also offers group therapy sessions for employers to help you cope with a stressful working environment, as well as sessions for individuals.

Individual Consultation

If you would like to find out how we can work together to combat the things that are holding you back from a happier and healthier life, book your consultation.

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: £35

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Mind Resolve | Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual Therapy Sessions

Mind Resolve offers sessions to those aged 18 and over. During your sessions you will be supplied with useful literature and worksheets so you can actively keep on top of your progress. 

Support is given by the therapist via telephone, or video chat. Face to face sessions are currently unavailable until further notice.

Duration: 50 minutes (initially 8 sessions to start with a

               rolling contract)

Price:      £50 per session

Group Therapy Sessions

The pressure of our working life can cause chronic stress, and anxiety, depression and causes us to compare ourselves to our colleagues. 

Mind Resolve works with a group of 8-12 people within corporate businesses to create a healthy and safe environment for your employees on a mental and emotional level. 

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes (4-12 week program)

Price: £475 (for 4 weeks)


Mind Resolve | Group Therapy